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King of the Jews

by Leslie Epstein

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Interview with Alex Aron about King of the Jews

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10 best list 2023 Theater

“Engrossing, “King of the Jews” is a gripping theatrical recreation of a dark era...Voluminous and finely detailed environmental landscape ... Aron’s physical staging is a marvel of precision and visual elan. “

King of the Jews is a searing, eye-opening glimpse of a dark period in world history....Director Alexandra Aron has an eye and ear for the telling detail and for pacing, allowing Epstein’s play to breathe.  Joel Benjamin Theatre net.

 "crackerjack team " Jonathan Mandel, New York Theatre

Commissioned, developed and produced Grey Rock written and directed by Amir Nizar Zuabi. Grey Rock had its premiere at La MaMa Theater in New York City in January 2019. Starring Khalifa Natour, as Yousef the former TV repairman building a rocket to reach the moon, Grey Rock has profoundly moved audiences worldwide.  

“…building a rocket is also a clear allegory for making art, for creating something so extraordinary that the whole world must notice.”

– Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

"It changed my world ... run, don't walk, to see it.
It might just change your world too."
— Broadway World Minneapolis

A Night in the Old Marketplace


"experimental klezmer opera A Night in the Old Marketplace is a brilliant musical adaptation of Y. L. Peretz’s macabre play of the same name"

“The greatest and most significant Jewish musical since Fiddler” Seth Rogovoy, author of The Essential Klezmer

“These artists have found their vision through an eclectic music which mixes klezmer, jazz, classical, and rock, not to mention the world of Kurt Weill...We found ourselves absolutely blown away by the experience.

Salomé: Woman of Valor

"Salomé: Woman of Valor is a spectacularly unique, sixty-minute spoken-word opera that incorporates: interpretative dance, poetry, evocative avant-garde music and multi-media".  Vancouver Reviewer

"A mix of spoken word, projections, dance, and music is by turns dizzying and dazzling…strange and fascinating swirl of images and sound, …does not disappoint....wildly ambitious...a show that defies all categorization and yet entrances in the same way a fever dream does."

Three Seconds in the Key 

“So why is a fiercely good play like a fiercely good basketball game? Because every minute and every move count. Desperately.”  New York Times

"Alexandra Aron's direction has finessed Margolin's play with sensitivity and compassion. She has conceived a piece of theatre that challenges the confines of naturalism, taking full advantage of the unconventional Baruch Peforming Arts Center." NY

 "Aron skillfully molded the dramatic architecture (as designer Lauren Halpern did the physical environment), enabling the sweat of the basketball game to infiltrate the Mother’s living room"-  Hot Review

Imagining Madoff 

“The theatrical effect of this moment in Alexandra Aron’s staging is electric.” – Washington City Paper


“Alexandra Aron’s confident 90-minute production is powered by Foucheux’s restless turn as Madoff”  Washington Post


“Lucid and compelling” - Tim Treanor, DCTheater Scene

Out From Under It by Susan Bernfield

“ Aron, whose work here is  remarkably nuanced...” Theatermania

Eloise and Ray by Stephanie Fleishmann

"Director Alexandra Aron deliniates these relationships with sensitivity and stages them with visceral physicality” The Village Voice

Karaoke Night by Rob Urbinati

 "pulses with rhythm and lost of energy, and is engaging to the end"  Newsday, NYC

Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill

"Directed by Alexandra Aron with a vision as clear and uncompromising as Churchill's... Vinegar Tom was an inventive, intelligent and exciting evening"  Off-off Broadway Review

The Human Resource Project,  Ensemble generated

The Human Resource Project offered images of an incompletely de-humanized and chastity-belted corporate America.  With most claims of audience participation proving shallow, Big Art reveals promising depths to be plumbed” – Village Voice

Great Men of Science by Glen Berger

 "Berger has extracted a few loopy footnotes from the experiments of maverick 18th century scientists, Jacque de Vaucanson and Lazarro Spallanzani, combined them with gentle comedy, and stirred in a sparkling prose style. As distilled by directors Alex Aron and Dan Fields, succeeds admirably. " The Village Voice 

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