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by Leslie Epstein

Directed by Alexandra Aron

Set Design: Lauren Helpern

Costume Design: Oana Ban

Light Design: Jack Blane

Prop Design: Sarah Pencheff-Martin

Presented at: Off Broadway at HERE 


Rachel Botchan

Matt Darriau

David Deblinger

Raphael D'lugoff

Jacob Harran

John Little

JJ Maley

Daniel Oreskes

Howard Pinhasik

Rita Neitich

Allen Lewis Rickman

JP Sarro

David Shalansky

Jonathan Spivey

Erica Spyers

Wesley Tiso

Richard Topol

Robert Zuckerman


It is the king of the jews.jpg
Daniel Oreskes, Rachel Botchan and Dave

10 best list 2023 Theater

"Director Alexandra Aron’s physical staging is a marvel of precision and visual elan. “

In Alexandra Aron's crackling production, these life-or-death issues take on a terrifying immediacy. In what may be his finest performance to date, Richard Topol's Gotterman is a ruthless creature, fiercely embracing his task in all its terrible implications.

Lighting and Sound America

Dan Oreskes and Rachel Botchan
photo by Russ Rowland
Richard Topol, Robert Zuckerman and Wesley Tiso 
photo by Russ Rowland
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